Lines of Research

Reflections, applications and experiences of digital transformation
in the educational, business and social spheres

Line 1

Strategies and Experiences of Digital Transformation in the Educational Community

  • Scenarios for training and digital transformation.
  • Learning strategies with technology during confinement.
  • Research projects on digital transformation in education.
  • Active methodologies and learning with technology.
  • Teacher training and updating in multivirtual environments.
  • Design of digital educational materials.
  • Edutainment.
  • Digital transformation programmes and projects in non-formal contexts.
Line 2

Digital Transformation in Psychoeducational Assessment and Intervention

  • Apps implemented in education to promote healthy eating habits and lifestyles.
  • Educational apps that enable parental supervision in schools.
  • Innovative tools to assess problems or disorders at school with greater ecological validity.
  • Digiceutical therapies in the school environment.
  • Computer programmes to improve skills related to literacy, numeracy and/or mathematical problem solving.
  • New innovative tools for the promotion of self-regulated learning.
Line 3

Learning and Digitalisation in the Social and Family Environment

  • Virtual classes and home learning in times of confinement.
  • Digital gap.
  • Teleworking, family reconciliation and homework.
  • Reflections, experiences and contributions on the impact of technology on family and social learning environments.
Line 4

Experiences of Learning and Digitalisation in Professional Contexts

  • Life-long learners and executive education.
  • Serious games applied to in-company training.
  • Technology-based training solutions (e-learning, VR, etc.).
  • Reflections, contributions and research on digital transformation in corporate training and HR departments.
Line 5

Innovative Experiences and Research in CTE

  • Work and experiences of digital transformation applied to CTE. 
  • Experiences of educational innovation in vocational training.
  •  Experiences of learning in Dual VET systems.
  • Reflections, contributions and research on digital transformation in CTE and Dual VET systems.