Lines of Research

Thoughts, applications and experiences of digital transformation
in the educational, business and social spheres

Line 1

Strategies and Experiences of Digital Transformation in the Educational Community

  • Scenarios for training and digital transformation.
  • Learning strategies with technology during the pandemic.
  • Research projects on digital transformation in education.
  • Design of digital educational materials.
  • Edutainment.
  • Experiences of digital, media and information literacy in education.
  • Digital competence in teaching.
Line 2

Digital Transformation in Psychoeducational Assessment and Intervention

  • Apps implemented in education to promote healthy eating habits and lifestyles.
  • Educational apps that enable parental supervision in schools.
  • Innovative tools to assess problems or disorders at school with greater ecological validity.
  • Digiceutical therapies in the school environment.
Line 3

Gender, diversity and digital transformation

  • Thoughts, experiences and contributions on the impact of technology in the fight for equality.
  • Digital tools for the promotion of equality.
  • Inclusive educommunication in digital spaces.
  • STEM and gender gap.
  •  Gender and diversity in the videogames sector. 
  • Feminism and digital transformation. 
  • Inclusive technology.
Line 4

Learning and Digitalisation in the Social and Family Environment

  • Thoughts, experiences and contributions on the impact of technology on family and social learning environments.
  • Teleworking, teleschooling and family reconciliation.
  • Digital transformation of the learning spaces at home.
  • Technology as a tool for informal learning in the familiar and social environment.
  • Digital gap and technology access in vulnerable groups.
  • Technology as a tool for social inclusion.
Line 5

Digital transformation within economical, social and professional contexts.

  • Thoughts and contribution on the impact of digital transformation in business and vocational training.
  • The impact of blockchain technology in education.
  •  Possibilities of the metaverse for lifelong learning.
  • The role of artificial intelligence in the education of the future.
  • Proposals for innovation in workers training.
  • The use of serious games for training in professional contexts.
Line 6

Digital transformation for an active and healthy ageing of population.

  • Digital transformation for an active and healthy ageing of the population.
  • The impact of digitalisation on the life quality of older people.
  • Generational digital gap.
  • Thoughts, experiences and contributions of digital transformation in elder people.